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Counseling Center Experience

Over the years, Dr. Haynes has been involved in the establishment of numerous counseling centers/ministries in Texas and several other states. Because of his experience in the counseling field, he has been a sought after consultant to assist, churches, groups and individuals to begin faith based counseling centers through The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc.
House of Hope Counseling Center - Belton, TX
House of Hope Counseling Center - Belton, TX

The House of Hope, Belton, TX. Buildings with Dr. Haynes and Counseling Staff

Christian Counseling Network - Mesquite, TX
Meadows Recovery Center - Evant, TX

Dr. Haynes, Christian Counseling Network
Mesquite, TX.
Dr. Haynes helped start
Meadows Recovery Center in Evant, TX

New Life Counseling Center - Belton, TX
Faith Based Counseling - Washington, D.C.

Dr. Haynes and New Life
Counseling Center Staff - Belton, TX
Dr. Haynes in front of Faith Based Counseling
at the White House in Washington, DC