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Live In Your Vision,Not Your MemoryPhilippians 3:13-14

Crisis Experience

Dr. Haynes with NYC Firemen at Ground Zero, New York City, NY
Dr. Haynes counsels New York City Firemen
at Ground Zero following
the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11.
Dr. Haynes and FBI Chaplain Joe Williams, Oklahoma City, OK
Dr. Haynes and FBI Chaplain Joe Williams
(Lead Chaplain at the Oklahoma City Bombing)

Dr. Haynes with Temple, TX Police and Fire Chiefs
Dr. Haynes, with Temple, TX Police and Fire Chiefs, founded Crisis Chaplaincy Care, Inc. in 2003. Lessons learned from Ground Zero created such a need for counseling first responders that Michael’s home town offered him a city contract to establish counseling services for officers and their families.
Crisis Chaplaincy Care, Inc.
“For too long the faith community has sat passively in the background and let government agencies or disaster relief groups attempt to do what only the church is capable and called to do! It's time we take our place in crisis intervention and relief through highly trained and credentialed Crisis Teams coming from our local congregations,” says Dr. Michael K. Haynes. “We cannot wait!” "We must be trained and prepared to help victims deal with all of the critical life-controlling issues before they occur.”
Crisis Counseling - Hong Kong, China
Crisis Counseling - Hong Kong, China
Dr. Haynes with interpreters and a huge crowd of volunteers for a Crisis Intervention training in Hong Kong. Because of Michael’s experience at Ground Zero after 9/11, he was invited by the Chinese Institute of Psychology to train people how to work with the victims of the massive earthquake in the Sichuan Province of Mainland China in 2009.
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