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Live In Your Vision,Not Your MemoryPhilippians 3:13-14

Services Provided

The day in which we live is said to be the most dangerous and unpredictable time the world has ever known.  And yet, many believe that the current events that surround us offer more opportunity for believers to share their faith than ever before.  There are answers to the innumerable dilemmas everyone faces daily.  With this in mind, Dr. Michael K. Haynes, being acutely aware of the numerous volatile societal issues facing friends, families, and the community at large,  is set to begin an online counseling ministry is very much needed.


Dr. Haynes Offers Skype Counseling Sessions for

• Marital/Family Problems
• Anger Management
• Chemical Dependency
• Complex Family Issues
• Crisis Counseling
• Divorce Recovery
• Grief & Loss
• Pet Therapy
• Depression/Anxiety
• Parent/Teen Conflicts
• Suicide Intervention
• Adolescent Therapy